For your appointment

Bring Your Eyewear

Make sure you bring your eye wear for the orthoptist to be able to assess your current best vision. This will also allow the doctor to make accurate judgement about your vision.

Make Arrangement for Travel

There is a high likelihood that you will get dilating eye drops. They cause a visual blur which lasts a few hours and you will be unable to drive back home. Best to bring a friend or family member with you!

Make a List

Your doctors want to ensure you go home satisfied with your consult. To make most of your time with your doctor, write down your queries and bring the list with you.

We Listen

Feel free to ask questions. We value your concerns and are happy to explain. Nonetheless, be considerate of others waiting for their appointment.

Bring your 'Cards'

To be able to bill you correctly and also provide easy claim from medicare, we recommend you to bring your medicare card, as well as any eligible health care or concession/ pensioner card that you have.